Sunday, August 10, 2008

Lucy Liu Didn't Make It

Celebrities and Moguls Unite for the Children—Lucy Liu Ambassador for Unicef.

It was unfortunate that Lucy was not able to attend the event as ambassador for Unicef, but this particular educational event and fundraiser was a success in more ways than one.

Author and Motivational Speaker Rudy Ferraro and Gifted Hands Sculptor Steve Miller were two of the celebrity guests at the high-end event held at the famous and prestigious restaurant Cité of Chicago.

Ferraro signed and gave away as gifts books to everyone in attendance. He committed to donate 100% of the book proceeds for the month of June to Unicef and asked everyone at the event to help by promoting the book to as many people as they could.

Artist Steve Miller donated a percentage of all sculpture sales at the event plus a specially crafted sculpture he designed especially for the Unicef cause. The piece was titled The Inheritance and portrayed a child’s hands holding up a world coming apart. Selections from Miller’s creations will remain on display at Cité. Proceeds from the remaining selection as well as a special commissioned piece contracted during the event will also be donated to the US Fund for Unicef.

Former First Lady of New York, Evangeline Gouletas hosted the event at her Cité restaurant on the 70th floor of the Lake Pointe Tower in Downtown Chicago and invitees included a virtual who’s who of moguls and dignitaries from all over the world.

Author and Motivational Speaker Rudy Ferraro paralleled the philosophy in his new book, Choose Your Way There—The choices you make today are the life you’ll live tomorrow, to the event by stating “I have choices. You all have choices. But the 25,000 children who died today of completely preventable causes didn’t—they died because they had no choices.” Ferraro concluded that his books were complimentary for the attendees, but that they could help stop that incredible death toll by asking people they know to purchase Choose Your Way There in the month of June as all proceeds will go to Unicef.

For more information regarding this event
or to contact Ferraro or Miller send emails to: or
phone 770-310-7667


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